What applications do you use to create PHP files – PHP



Hello everyone:
I’m just wondering how many of you hand code php files or
do you use an application to help you. if so which one are you using. Also what are you using to create your SQL files.

Right now I’m using xampp and DreamWeaver for the coding. Should I be doing this.



Having never used DreamWeaver I can’t really be a critic, but I’ve heard from many people it adds a lot of unnecessary code and doesn’t really *help* the user learn.

Anyway, I, at the moment, use InType (with PM). It has a really simple interface and it’s code snippets make the repetitive nature of writing in PHP no more. However, it is not the Microsoft Visual IDE 🙁 That right there is a wonderful editor.


Dreamweaver is ok, but it is more of a HTML/CSS tool than a PHP IDE.
I’ve also heard that some of it’s PHP GUI tools create… questionable and confusion PHP code.
I wouldn’t get to used to it.

I’ve tried everything from Zend Studio to Notepad++.
Zend Studio is very good, but also very expensive.
Eclipse is always good. It’s more of a general purpose IDE, supporting most programming languages.
There are programs derived from Eclipse, like Aptana, which are specially designed for web development (I’m currently using Aptana, and I quite like it).

I used PhpDesigner for a while and it was pretty good, but it only works on Windows 🙁
Notepad++ is always good to have. It’s very lightweight so it starts up quickly and is generally very fast.

If your on Linux, both KDE and Gnome have text editors (Kate and Gedit) that can be used to edit PHP files. Both of them can also be "enhanced" to include file-browsers, FTP and in some cases even some form of code-completion.
They are also very lightweight. Could be used as Linux alternatives to Notepad++.


SubEthaEdit/Mac (it has no unnecessary stuff) and then testing it on localhost – I have to admit I handcode all my PHP (it’s not that much, after all)


I’ve heard a lot about different IDEs. If you think you can READ code very good and understand code easily, I would recommend Notepad++. It’s so lightweight, it’s not a complete IDE, but it suits my needs if all I need to develop web apps is see code.


Right now, I’m using Coda. It’s nice; a little buggy, but nice. I’ve been meaning to check out BBEdit 9 one of these days, though….


Thanks everyone for your advice. I’m using a Mac and the house and a PC at work. I will have togo to the mac site to look from some applications.