System flooded with VIRUS overnight! Suspectin a DHCP switch off in the router! – Microsoft Windows



Hi all,
Firstly, I am very little knowledgible when it comes to Windows OS (Client OS or Server OS). But offlate my urge to get myself in terms with it increased and soon I was meddling with the various services offered by Win Server 2003.

Ok. Now here s the scenario. Firstly I have a Huawei Router with DHCP enabled in it. And then I have ’bout 5 machines at home which I intended to set up as a network and make one of the machines a Monster Server. Please accept the fact that I ve no or very little knowledge with regard to this Field. Because i might be talkin little sense as to why I feel my machine is now a store of fascinating VIRII…

Now, this router that had DHCP enabled in it, I disabed it and then set up the DHCP server on my Server machine.. My server runs AVG anti-virus which I feel is by far the best! But then, the next day after I had disabled the router DHCP, my machine was up openin BAD web sites on its own,, and then some crappy Dr. Watson Postmortem Crap throws up.. My systems so slow that even my next door Kids machine would Boot up faster than my Server!

So I suspect the day when I happened to disable my router DHCP, something happened that has flooded my machine with Virus.. Could it be somethin like switchin off of a Firewall in the router. But then my router aint got a Firewall in it.. Please help!!!

Also, the number of Spyware and Adware detected after an AVG scan of the entire machine showed quite a lot of ’em as compared to before when they vwere rare visitors and were mercilessly wiped out! Now they seem to have taken over me and my machine!

Plese Help! Also i know, DHCP aint got anythin to do with it and also I don seem to have downloaded anythin from the sometimes dangerous internet!

Thanks for all ur help!