Public Queue in Remote machine in the same domain and same network – .NET Framework



Dear All,

I am running an windows application, which is used to create a public queue and send and receive messages from it.


The application runs on my development machine which is under a AD.

The application has to create a public queue in another (destination)
machine which is in the same domain and has the message queue.

In destination machine I have the admin rights too.


When I ran the application it checks whether the queue exists in the
destination machine or not – Working.

When the queue doesn’t exists it tries to create the queue – Not Working

"Access to Message Queuing system is denied."

Kindly give me the solution to rectify the same.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Check out this blog. It states:

MSMQ generates a certificate for each machine on the first login by the user.

Try logging into the destination machine with the administrator’s account and see if it’s able to create the queue.