MS Mail 3.0 – Microsoft Windows



First sorry if this is not the correct place for this Q.
But since I am using it on XP and I am facing a problem on XP with this I put it here.
The problem is with OLD 1980 times MSMAIL3.0, it has a mail queue checking program (that too 3rd party) QCHECK.EXE which use some .GLB files from ms mail database.
I need to know if any way to access these files without QCHECK.EXE?
reason is when I run QCHECK. EXE from within a visual foxpro application (even in XP with win 95 compatibilty mode) it results in 100% CPU utilisation and an application stops responding..
so I just want to givup with QCHECK.EXE and access the .GLB files to know what is the mail queue for a perticular mail database in MSMAIL 3.0