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I just installed SMF today with out any real hitches, except for this one… I have a menu bar on my site and the link in the bar does not open the Forum, instead it goes to my opening page of my web?!? If I type while on the site it works. Any ideas? Thanks.
Note: the first page on my site is an "index.php", and it is this one that it goes to.



Can you show us the code that is causing the problem?

I tried entering your site, but there seems to be something wrong with the forum link in the menu. When you hover over it, it just blinks and then automatically refreshes the page without me clicking it.

And, to make matters worse, you seem to have disabled right-clicking, making it that much harder to figure out what is going on. Meaning; it prevents me from using Firebug to quickly view the markup. The button to do that is in the right-click menu, which you have disabled. And being a JS generated menu, only enabled when the mouse is over it, navigating there manually is not an easy task.

Disabling right-clicking does nothing more than annoy users. If you think this protects any content on your site from being stolen, or your markup/code from being viewed, you are gravely mistaken. – All this does is annoy people. Nothing more. (And annoyed users tend to leave, and stay gone.)

I highly recommend against doing this.


Hi, Thanks for reminding me about the right click, I am re-doing the web. When I get back later today I will take care of that.
The issue is the link to the "Forum" as you pointed out. The code in the link is: As you state, it goes back to the opening page. It should go to the "Forum".


Ok, if you look at the HTML markup, there is a <div> with the ID "N55".

It’s onmouseover attribute is set like this:


I can only surmise that the execURL method is meant to redirect the page, but that it is not meant to be in this event callback.

Try removing that call, changing the event to:



I tried your suggestions, it removes the meu bar completely.


Are you sure you edited the correct element? I made the same modification using Firebug and it fixed the problem. The link worked as expected.

Show us the code you are using, after the modification. We might be able to help spot the problem.


I edited the iemenu.js in WE3. I am in the deep end of the pool and not too sure about working with php’s, thanks for the help.