Frame Source – PHP



I am trying to change leaders on Google Docs as a prank, but to no luck. On the frame source I saw this.


It says changing owners is not allowed, so i want to change this. I tried changing it via Inspect Element, than saving, but it didn’t work. I found a delete button to delete the owner, but it says I need at least on owner. How do I switch the owner to someone else without access to the Owners account??


Simply put, you can’t unless the owner has given you permissions on the document. If you were able to change owners willy nilly on other people’s documents, that would be a huge security hole on Google’s part. Any other method would be illegal access into Google’s servers.


Oh… don’t want that! Thanks.


Another question… is there a way to change frame info? The frame source can’t be edited manual, never mind save it.


I’m not sure what you mean by frame info. Can you post the code and then describe what it is you want to change?


"I am trying to change leaders on Google Docs as a prank…"

Yeah, that’s clearly not going to work. First off, we’re talking about Google, they have a thousand security engineers that developed the front end site to prevent dumb stuff like this. Second, are you hosting an httpS site? Frames do not work if you’re on a different protocol. Third, if you’re interested in going into hacking, I strongly suggest researching the hack world then researching the system, then maybe if it’s worth 15+ years in prison then start working on the code.


That’s true, and i figure that if i ever did find a security hole like that, I would be lucky. Definitely not me. And by frame source I’m not running the site, but part of it (Ex: I am an editor of the document) The frame source is of Google docs. Do I need a certain program to edit source code? If so, let me know.