Accessing Remote MSMQ on different domain – .NET Framework



Hi all
how can i access MSMQ which is on a different domain
or it is even possible?



The .NET Framework exposes a number of classes and methods in the System.Messaging Namespace that allows access to MSMQ.

Sorry, miss read your question….

The System.Messaging namespace provides classes that allow you to connect to, monitor, and administer message queues on the network and send, receive, or peek messages.

I would assume from that statement that there is a way to connect to it on a network, but I’m not sure about a different Domain.</edit>



i have read it but can’t seem to find ways of sending/receiving queues on remote computer that is on a different domain

like 1 computer is on domain XYZ Consulting
and other is on ###

i have found this
i will read this and see if it helps
Send MSMQ Messages Securely over the Internet with HTTP and SOAP